Expense cards

Simplify company
spending allowances

Empower your team while
taking control of expenses

Issue expense cards for your team members

Create physical and virtual expense cards

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Get real time data on company spend

Set controls on how much &
where they can spend

Easily capture receipts and
automate expense reports

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Common questions

What is an expense card?

Corporate expense cards are issued to selective staff to manage business expenses and eliminate the need for carrying cash.

How many expense cards can I issue?

You can issue up to 10 expense cards.

Can I set up permissions and customize controls?

Yes, you can enable/restrict services such as ATM withdrawal, online transactions and purchases as well as set transaction limits and parameters.

Do I get notified when my employees make a payment?

Yes, you can enable notifications of all transactions performed via expense cards.

What happens if an employee leaves?

You can block the card and all funds will be returned to your Yuze account.