Keep track of your cashflow

Understand exactly how your business spends
over time and how you can plan for the future

Track spending
in real-time

Plan and adjust your spending as you go

Get a complete overview of your employee’s spend

Get a full view on all business spends

See spending break downs & Deep-dive to transactional details

See spending breakdowns
& in depth transactional details

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Common questions

What are analytics?

Analytics are additional business tools provided by Yuze to help you get a clear view of your spending with a breakdown by merchants, categories and countries.

Can I track spending in real time?

Yes, the analytics are updated in real-time so you always have visbility.

What sort of spend tracking is available?

You can track spending at merchants, in different categories and countries.

Can I track spends on corporate expense cards?

Yes, you will have complete visibility and tracking of what an employee spends on coprorate expense cards.

Can I download the spends as a report?

Yes, you can download the analytics to your PC for reimbursement and audit purposes.